Friday, October 20, 2017

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GISTX Investigation Standards

The following Standards are necessary to ensure the safety of all Ghost Investigations South Texas team members and that their findings are of the highest quality. At all times, safety and collecting untainted credible evidence will be our first priorities.

Do not go to locations alone and do not separate from team members during an investigation without having someone with you. Teaming up with someone will increase your safety, and also provide a witness to any evidence you gather or experiences you encounter.

Ghost Investigations South Texas team members will always be prepared for investigations, by carrying proper ID, checking their batteries and film, and carrying spares of both batteries and film. Fresh video tapes are required for any video recordings.

Ghost Investigations South Texas members will understand and be familiar with their equipment prior to going on an investigation. Once there, base readings will be taken with the EMF meters and other sensors to avoid false postitives during an investigation.

Team members must ensure that all dust, spots, and fingerprints are removed from camera lens before and during investigations. Camera straps should be removed and long hair should be pulled back to prevent obstructions in front of the lens. Fingers should be kept back from the lens and flash. In cold weather, always be aware of or hold your breath while taking the photo so you won't produce false "ecto" photos or other false anomalies.

Team members should always refrain from taking photographs outside during bad weather. Do not take photos during rain, any type of storms, mist, fog, snow, heavy winds, or dust. If a dirt or gravel road has been disturbed, team members should wait at least 30 minutes before attempting to take photos. Dust stirred up from a road can take a long time to settle.

Team members should refrain from taking photographs directly into any light source or reflective surface such as glass or a mirror. This can cause light reflections in the camera lens, and results in photo anomalies that can be mistaken as paranormal in nature.

Ghost Investigations South Texas team members will speak clearly and at a controlled volume during investigations. At no time during an investigation should any group member whisper or make strange noises/voices for any reason. Doing so destroys the credibility of all EVP work done on that investigation.

Ghost Investigations South Texas takes a professional and scientific approach to paranormal investigation. Mediums, Psychics, Ouija Boards, and/or Séances are not to be used unless specifically requested by a distressed home or property owner. If requested, South Texas Ghost Investigations will facilitate the location of individuals credible, reputable, and trained in those areas on a consultation basis only.

Smoking tobacco in any form during an investigation is prohibited. Smoke can easily lead to photo anomalies that can be mistaken for paranormal activity. Drinking alcohol or using drugs is also strictly forbidden.

No Perfumes, cologne or any other scented products may be used on your person before and during an investigation. This is to rule out any unusual scents that may be encountered during an investigation.

Based on the excellent standards of Ghost Vigil

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